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SEGA Labrador Retrievers is based in San Antonio, Texas and is committed to producing strong, great looking Labrador Retrievers according to the breed standard. We participate in conformation shows throughout the United States and breed Labradors on occasion.

Our dogs are raised in spacious environments with plenty of room to run and play. As breeders, we maintain proper records of health and feed our dogs quality brand dog food. Several of our dogs at SEGA Labrador Retrievers have earned championship and grand championship titles from the American Kennel Club.

We are involved in Labrador breeder organizations and communities that promote the preservation of this versatile breed. Our team has a great passion for Labradors, which we hope to share with many others through our work at SEGA Labs!

Chocolate Lab Steam of SEGA Labrador Retrievers

Why Choose SEGA Labradors Over Other Breeders?

Our dogs come from excellent bloodlines and each parent is properly vetted for breeding purposes. Unlike puppy mills that focus on profit over animal welfare, reputable breeders focus on the genetic quality of each litter and proper puppy development conditions. We invite you to reach out to us for more information to help you in your research process. Our goal is to produce wonderful lifelong family companions by starting the development process right with the proper care and socialization of our puppies.

Puppies Roma and Poncho of SEGA Labrador Retrievers

Available Litters

Check back often for new litter announcements. From expecting parents to successful births, we are happy to share the news!

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Extra Resources

Learn more about this gentle and hard working breed. This video interview with an experienced breeder is a great starting point.

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Chocolate Labrador posing for the camera at SEGA Labrador Retrievers

Our Dogs

We are proud to own several championship dogs who have competed in AKC and Westminster competitions.

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